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New species of lizards and some lizard stories from 2018

Lizards in the Gekkota clade made up a disproportionately large number of lizard species described in 2018. There were 55 species inthe family Gekkonidae, 4 species in the family Phyllodactylidae, and one Eublepharidae - for a total; of 60 geckos. Thus, 113 species of lizards described this past year, 53% were geckos. Skinks were next with 16.8% of the species described. Both clades, geckos and skinks, contain the largest number of lizard species. Perhaps most surprising is the description of only one species of Anolis - the largest genus of lizards - with 427 species.

Agamidae Lophocalotes achlios Harvey, Scrivani, Shaney, Hamidy, Kurniawan & Smith, 2018
Agamidae Monilesaurus acanthocephalus Pal, Vijayakumar, Shanker, Jayarajan & Deepak, 2018
Agamidae Monilesaurus montanus Pal, Vijayakumar, Shanker, Jayarajan & Deepak, 2018
Agamidae Sitana attenboroughii Sadasivan, Ramesh, Palot, Ambekar & Mirza, 2018
Agamidae Sitana gokakensis Deepak, Khandekar, Chaitanya & Ka…

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