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Patterns of diversity in Neotropical Sankes

A new study demonstrates that Neotropical snake diversity is unevenly distributed, with some ecoregions, such as the Cerrado, containing a disproportionately high diversity. Guedes et al. (2017)  show that merging public and manually compiled data sources is likely to provide the largest taxonomic and geographical coverage for any system under study.

They compiled three datasets for snakes recorded in the Neotropical region, from central Mexico to southern South America, including all Caribbean islands. We included only records identified at the species level. The raw dataset (RD) comprised georeferenced records for snakes downloaded from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. They filtered records linked to specimens, literature occurrences and material samples, leaving out records lacking  vouchers.

The biodiversity metrics of Neotropical snakes reflect patterns previously documented for other vertebrates, suggesting that similar factors may determine the diversity of both e…

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