Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chilomeniscus at Iron Mine Hill

On Saturday, 20 November, Patti Mahaney found a Variable Sandsnake (Chilomeniscus cinctus) on the lower north central side of Iron Mine Hill. It is only the second sandsnake seen on the hill during the course of our ten year study. Interestingly enough, the first was found within spitting distance of this one. The snake appeared to be a fresh kill--no ants, no rigor mortis, still very flaccid. When we were finished with the photos, we put the snake back exactly as we found it. Three hours later, it was still there. 24 hours later, it was gone. My own guess is that this is the work of a skunk, ringtail, or possibly rock or ground squirrels. I send this out with the hopes that somebody who is studying sandsnakes can use it somehow. Roger

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