Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Links to some snake related news stories for today.

New research suggests snake venom could treat cancer Fox31, in Denver is reporting that Stephen Mackessy at the University of Northern Colorado is looking at snake venom for molecules to create drugs to limit the spread of breast, colon and skin cancers.

The Cyprus Mail is carrying another story about Natrix natrix cyprica. Cyprus’ endangered native grass snake, Natrix natrix cypriaca, came a step closer to being ensured yesterday after agriculture minister Demetris Eliades pledged his support for the snake’s conservation.

Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland has placed an emergency ban on the buying or selling of wild predators such as bears, wolves, primates, alligators, venomous snakes, and large constricting snakes. The ban is meant to prevent injuries to humans from trying to keep wild animals as pets.

Zoo employee "grazed" by Pit Viper is resting at home. Wichita, Kansas - It was a close call this week for a zoo keeper at the Sedgwick County zoo. The employee was feeding a Kamburi Pit Viper when the viper lunged at the food and grazed the employee.

Lucky angler survives deadly bite. Angler Phil Newton, 30, was yesterday still trying to comprehend his luck after being attacked by the king brown. Mr Newton, of Bakewell, Palmerston, was racing against time after being bitten by the venomous snake at the Adelaide River - about 100km south of Darwin - on Monday.

Residents urged to watch out for snakes. A 51-year-old male with a suspected brown snake bite to the ankle at Rugby Road on Boxing Day was taken to Boorowa Hospital as Paramedics responded to more than 38 Triple “000” calls for snake bites over the last month. They are urging the community to keep a look out for snakes and despite repeated warnings not to drive yourself to hospital after a snake bite, a number of people have in fact gone against their advice and driven to hospital.

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