Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Species of Wolf Snake from Yunnan China

There are more than 40 species of  Asian Wolf Snakes in the genus Lycodon. Gernot Vogel and Patrick David have now described Lycodon synaptor from Yunnan Province in China. The new species can be recognized by the combination of the loreal scale not entering orbit; and its narrow dorsal bands, with the first band starting at ventral 5–9. Most other characters are shared with Lycodon fasciatus. The species is indirectly named in honor of Dr. Wolfgang B√∂hme for his efforts to unite professional and amateur herpetologists. There is no information available on the biology of Boehme’s Wolf Snake, but the region it comes from - Dongchuan - is mountainous.

Vogel, G. and P. David. 2010. A new species of the genus Lycodon ) Boie, 1826) from Yunnan Province China (Serpentes: Colubridae). Bonn Zoological Bulletin 57:289-296.

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  1. Anyone know of a photo of this new species? I am working to highlight it in a public report as a new species discovery in the Greater Mekong Region. Would be very appreciative of any help.