Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Coastal Tailed Frog Discovered in the Gracia River Forest

Ascaphus truei. Photo Credit: Mokele
Members of the genus, Ascaphus (family Ascaphidae)  are commonly called the tailed frogs, with the name referring to the extension of the male cloaca which is used as a copulatory organ. The "tail" is a unique characteristic of the two species in the genus and is an adaptation for internal fertilization for the two species that inhabit fast-flowing streams. Peter Fimrite of the San Francisco Chronicle has written an article on the discover of the Ascaphus truei in Mendicino County's Garcia River Forest. The presence of the frog in the Garcia River is significant because it signals the success of the forest restoration work that has been going on in the Garcia River drainage. Find the entire article here.

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