Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring is approaching the Northern Hemisphere and the media is carrying stories of reptiles emerging from hibernation CBS 8 News is covering Opp, Alabama where city officials are promoting the Rattlesnake Rodeo that is held April 1 and 2, and report the stadium will be lined with vendors and that day passes are $15. KOAV TV in Tucson is reporting that the Northwest Fire District is warning residents to be on alert for dangerous rattlesnakes and offer tips to avoid an unpleasant encounter, like: watch your step, use a flashlight at night, keep to walkways and areas clear of brush, and wear closed-toed shoes. And the Amarillo Globe-News has a blog carrying a story about Jay Weddle and his experiences with rattlesnakes, including inventing a tube that holds open the nostrils on a horse if it has been bitten by a Crotalus.

Last week Roger Repp gave me a day tour of several southern Arizona reptile hibernacula and there is no doubt spring is approaching. Despite a week of mostly 80° F+ temperatures many reptiles are still staying close to their crevices, but they are near the openings, see below.

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