Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wheres Waldo Quiz: The Answers

Howdy Herpers,
Before launching into the answers to last week's "Where's Waldo" quiz, I wanted to add this image of a DOR Arizona Black Rattlesnake that turned up in the Galiuro Mountains on 2 July of 2011. This is a large adult male, that seems to be carrying the neonate pattern for cerberus. I've sent this off to the local cerberus Jedis, who think that the snake might have faded from black to the colors that you see now. The debate ended when it was suggested that we kill a few black cerberus and see what happens. Personally,  I really don't need to know.

Getting back to Where's Waldo:

Image 2: Ok hotshots, you made it through the first image. Way to shine! The head and a bit of flank of an Arizona Black Rattlesnake is visible in this image.
Image 2, answer. Since Melissa took the time to circle Waldo, we use her image. I've also shown a couple more angles of this snake. It was also found on 2 July, same date and locality of the dead cerberus above.

Image 3: Wow! You guys are GOOD. Feast your eyes on this Western Diamondback rattler amongst some hackberry, if you can! Roughly 80% of the snake is visible in this one.
Image 3 answer: See Melissa's circle. The second image shows the snake, CRAT # 121 "Tracy" in insitu. I had just poured some water over top of her, and she can be seen drinking lustily. This image was taken on 12 June 2011.

Image 4: And last, but not least, the same diamondback is now under catclaw--ouchie oochie. About 60% visible.
Image 4: Melissa's circle, and more of a close up image. The snake is Tracy once again, as she appeared on 9 July 2011

Ok, these were all too easy. NEXT TIME, we'll play just a little bit rougher.

And how!

Best to all, roger

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