Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ok Herpers,
We're going with attachments with this one, as inserting images makes it harder
for you all to cheat. We don't want to make this any harder than it already is!

Pics 1 and 2: (Original Image #1 and "new" image revealing what and where):
For crying out loud you guys! Look in the little puddle. It's a Sonoran Mud Turtle.
They sometimes choose some very bad places to hide. Congrats to Jeff and Marty
for finding. Circle by Mr. Moorbeck.

Pics 3 and 4: (Original image # 2 and "new" image revealing what and where):
Sonoran Desert Tortoise. Circle by Jeff, Marty was on it as well.

Pics 5 and 6: (Original image #3 w/Jeff Circle added, and a closer look at snake):
Our newest addition to the Suizo Mountain Study, a Mojave Rattlesnake. Note
the heft on this rascal. Despite their reputation of being a nasty snake, this male
is a sweetheart! Honorable mention to Marty as well.

Pics 7 through 9: (Original image 4, plus two more hints).
I'm still not telling you where it is, but the angle of Pic 8 should give
it away. Pic 9 shows how well he hides. What is it, where is it? I do believe
Marty got this one, but couldn't identify the animal.

Pics 10 through 12: (Original image 5, plus 2 hints):
Where and what is the snake in Pic 10? You can't see it in Pic 10,
but Pics 11 and 12 clearly drop a bomb of a hint as to where it is.

Still looking for answers on original image 4 and 5.


8-) roger

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