Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suizo Report -- Where's Waldo?

Ok………… ok, Prima Donnas, 14 Sept 2011

Whatever we’re talking about with this missive will have nothing to do with U-no-what: (prebuttons).

You guys are good-­better than most even. I’ll admit, I underestimated some of you with my little “Where’s Waldo?” games of late. Now we are taking off the kid’s gloves for sure!

I’m going to share six images with the lot of you. Image 1 is easy (if we made it all too hard, none of you crybabies would play any more), image 2 is a little tougher. Image 3 is nearly impossible, images 4 and 5 are, in my estimation, definitely impossible. Image 6 is a hint for the image 3, but a true herper would only look to the hint in image 6 as a last resort.

The beauty of this particular installment of the game is that you all have one week to send me your answers. No need to rush things here. It’s not a matter of being first. It’s a matter of being right. Take your time………..

Come next Wednesday, 21 September 2011, I will tell you all how you did. And I will send you further hints for the ones that didn’t get found (if that happens.)

Are you ready? (That doesn’t matter­EYE am!)

One, two, three……….GO!

Image 1: Find the herp, and tell me what it is. (In the words of my favorite Canadian “Easy Peasy”):

How did you all do with that one? It stands out like goat turds in the milking pail me.

Image 2: Several of you have asked me of late “What does the “Suizo” in the “Suizo Report” mean?” Well, technically, Suizo is “Swiss” in Spanish. The 10+ year Schuett/Repp study occurs in a mountain range in Arizona that is formally named the Suizo Mountains. In this image we see roughly 50% of the Suizo (“Swiss”) Mountains, as viewed from our study hill (Iron Mine Hill). But all that is not the purpose of this image. Somewhere within the framework of this image is a cool herp. Name the species, and indicate the location.

Are you all still with me? Of course you are…….get a life!

Image 3: From me to you-­hot shots! As suggested earlier, this is a tough one, and your only hint in this installment of Where’s Waldo can be found in image 6. But there’s no need to cheat. A few of you are whales amongst minnows. Try to identify the herp in this image, and tell me where it is:

Image 4: One from the land of the impossible! Get this one right, and I’ll truly know it is time to take up stamp collecting. Identify the species, and tell me the location:
Awwwww! Was that too hard, herpers? Cry me a river………
Don’t worry, I’ll give you a hint in a week. Meanwhile, there’s this:

Image 5: Name the herp, and show me the location:
You’ll never get image 5. Don’t hurt yourself. Wait for the hint!

The weather report from the National Weather Service in Tucson reports that this past August was the second “warmest” on record, and the second “warmest” summer on record. When one includes “warmest” in a sentence describing Tucson, Arizona, that really means hotter than the hinges of hell. It has been rough on those of us who endure the rigors of field work­not to mention the herps that have to survive these conditions.

As for me, as a machine shop foreman, I earn my living surrounded by Republican values. When they tell me that this great country of ours was historically successful due to mining, agriculture, ranching, oil drilling and industry, I’m inclined to listen. But when they tell me that global warming has nothing to do with the aforementioned money-making, tax-paying, GNP-building schemes, that’s when I draw the line.

I’ve recently been digging into my own ancestral roots. Briefly, my descendants are Germans whose lineage goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. (Yes, as near as I can fathom, Adam and Eve were Germans). At one point, my ancestors decided they were tired of being Germans confined to Germany, and decided to settle along the Volga River in Russia. (The poor saps had no idea that there was such a place as Arizona.)

Well………….what does one do when one settles into a primitive area, and one has no idea what to do next? Chopping down trees for housing and fuel with reckless abandon occurred to them. Plowing fields, raising crops and running cattle happened next. This was all well and fine, until……..due to their efforts for sustenance, an all-out famine started kicking their Hiney backsides.

About 150 years after my favorite Germans altered the landscape around them, my distant cousin from 1924 , Adolf Grabowski, had this to say about the drought and ensuing famine that wiped out 70% of my ancestry:

“One could, of course, take measurements to neutralize the effects of climate change : through irrigation on a large scale, through comprehensive reforestation, through selection of seed grain”…..blah blah, insert the rhetoric of today’s sage ones.

It goes on and on. My cousin Adolf was on it like stink on a monkey. He had it all figured out in 1924. For heaven’s sake! How dare anybody say that we as humans can not be held accountable for the climatic events surrounding us today? Adolf would fit right in with today’s modern environmentalists. But if he were around today, I wonder if he too would be treated with the same disregard by the truly ignorant?

What does all that have to do with anything in this missive? Beats me! Perhaps Typing Boy here was just trying to fill some space before the hint for Image 3 appeared:

Image 6: Since none of you will likely identify and find the herp in image 3, I feel the urge to play nice. Identify the herp, and tell me the location.

In the likely event that none of you identify and find the herps in images 4 and 5, I’ll send some hints for those when I reveal the rest. One week. Meanwhile, try not to pop any veins out of your eyeballs just to wow me. It’s just not worth it!

This here is Roger Repp, signing off from Southern Arizona, where the turtles are strong, the snakes are handsome, and the lizards are way above average.

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