Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where's Waldo, Final Answers

How do you like that, I'm on a computer that allows me to put little colored circles on pictures. Will miracles never cease? (they will if I go back to my old work computer) Makes identifying the area a little easier even if you still can't see the animal.

Ok Herpers,

My mommy used to tell me that if I kept playing with myself, I'd go blind.
So, I just did it until I needed glasses. It might be time for some of you to
find another hobby as well.

Marty Feldner got the last two teasers, which are attached.

All the crying that spewed on me as a result of this particular series
has me ready to convert my office into a saltwater aquarium. Would
any of the crabs out there in Suizo-land care to move in?

Sorry guys, but Stevie Wonder could have found that mud turtle.

What I've learned here, besides proper floor-mopping techniques,
is to just send one image at a time. Make the file size larger, and make
sure that at least part of the animal is visible. That way, you guys can cheat easier,
and you don't have to blow up a low resolution image to kingdom come and back while
you cry "foul."

That is my promise to you all for any future Where's Waldo installments.

Meanwhile, good show, Marty! We could use a few more good men like you around here.
HE didn't do any sniveling about it all--he was too busy DOING IT.

Love to all, and really, all in good fun. We'll play nicer from now on.


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