Friday, October 14, 2011

Answers to Where's Waldo

Howdy Herpers,

First off, I hope you all know that I've sworn off sending impossible
puzzles. I did that once, it won't happen again.

I solved both of these myself before sending them off to you.
The second one took me two guesses to get right--but I didn't
know what type of herp was in the second one initially.

That's another thing that I will do from now on: tell you whether it
is a snake, turtle, or lizard etc that you are looking for.

Without further adieu, all 9 responses for the first image found
the snake. But only Jeff M. and Marty F. got the species right.
As Jeff M. is close to the action, his correct guess didn't surprise
me. Marty getting it right did. Good show!

My initial guess when I first saw Steve's photo was that it
was a cottonmouth. But knowing that Steve has a good place
for eastern hognose snakes led me to the correct guess. Yes,
the snake in image one is a hognose.
Way the hell over in the UK, Peter Lawrence was the first to get the second
image correct. Dave Barker came right in behind him with the circle that you
see on answer number 2.
As one who sometimes steps on obvious snakes to look in escarpments under boulders
or trees, this one was duck soup for me. But it isn't very clear in the image, deliberately so.
The snake is a black-tailed rattlesnake, from the Ruby Road area of Southern Arizona.
I had originally guessed this molossus to be from the Huachucas, as did a few of you. But
Paul Condon's labeling on the attached third image makes it clear that it was not
a WOWchuca animal.
Next week, I'll introduce you to the full crop of Suizo animals we are tracking.

I have a few Waldos ready for the next game as well. Feel free to send me anything
along these lines that you have. If you stump me, I most likely won't send it out. So, make
it hard if you like, but make it possible. I enjoy looking for Waldo as much as you guys do.

Best to all, roger

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