Friday, October 7, 2011

Where's Waldo - Chelonian Answers

Howdy All,

There were some very creative answers to yesterdays puzzle.
But Jeff Moorbeck, Marty Feldner, and Craig Ivanyi (in that order) came smoking
in within minutes of each other with the correct answers.

Marty and Craig even went so far as to correctly identify the region of Arizona in which
the snake was found. I will pass along only a hint: "T.A."

Are we right, Chip? (I also guessed it to be from there).

It is a Speckled Rattlesnake (Crotalus mitchellii). See Jeff's circle on the Chip Cochran attached image.

Two honorable mentions for this image are a spiny lizard (Al Muth) and a horny toad
(John Sullivan). While I'm not seeing them in the image, that doesn't mean
that they aren't there.

The answer of three with the tortoises was mostly unanimous, and probably correct.
If you all care look at the image again, three are certainly obvious. Look
behind the head of the rear-most tortoise. Is that the rear end of yet another
tortoise carapace, or a rock?

My own answer was 3, maybe 4.

The one incorrect answer came from one of the hawk-eyed turtle
folk from Chicago:
"I keep scanning in the sticks and twigs in the foreground and I don't see
any tortoises anywhere. Is this another unrealistic waldo pic? Maybe if the
resolution was increased a little bit. There is kind of a pebble thing in
the foreground, is that a tortoise?"
Enough with the BS. You all have a great weekend.


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