Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suizo Report -- A Good Deed for GOAG

Howdy Herpers,
No need for any of you to pat me on the back--my hand is in the way.

We FINALLY got some rain last Saturday, which ushered in a cold spell.

John Slone and I did some radio tracking at the plot, which will be another story.

Upon finishing up with that, we decided to do some fun herping in a canyon in the NW Tortolita Mountains. I call the canyon we visited "Atrox Canyon." It is the first place ever that I started scoring some major atrox dens.

My first visit to the place occurred on New Years Day, 1993. I've since been able to line up nine different atrox dens, which I try to visit several times a year. Interspersed between the atrox dens are various repeat Desert Tortoise honey holes. I always check these when there as well.

Upon visiting a tortoise den that I've been watching since 1994, my heart sank when I saw a young ~2 year old tortoise upside down on the apron. I thought it was dead, and began the grim task of photographing it. By the time the second image was taken, Slone piped up with the magic words "It's still alive." Sure enough, it had withdrawn its head when the flash went off.

We of course then flipped the poor little fella over, and he wandered right into the known tortoise den. Very cool!

I don't know how long the little creature was upside down, or if he could have eventually flipped himself over. I doubt it, he had a pretty high-domed shell, and the weather was still quite cold.

I do know the hole he entered, and look forward to visiting it whenever time permits. I'm thinking it will stay there. Time will tell.

Image 1: In situ

Image 2: Wandering into sheltersite.

Best to all, roger

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