Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Suzio Report- Unplugged

Howdy Herpers, 4 January 2012

First off, my HUGEST apologies for signing up on Facebook. I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. And now that I've done it, I have NO IDEA how to get back out of it. I knew not what I did, and know not what I'm doing now that I did it!

For now, I'm ignoring the problem. So, if you asked to be my friend, and I haven't responded, please don't get all butt hurt. As soon as I find someone else to blame for this,it will be behind me.

Jeez Louise! Who has time for this stuff? 8-)

Ok, the very cold and wet winter weather finally broke, and we faced a gradual warm up. By 30 December, we were approaching 80 degree F temps. While I was sincerely wishing for more rain, mother Repp never raised a child so foolish as to waste a perfect day.

On 30 December, I decided to go to the Suizos unplugged." That is, leave the tracking gear behind, and see what can be gooned up without it. Like me, the herps did not waste a gorgeous day either.

Pics 1 and 2: I checked a known Gila Monster den that resides in the west center of the Suizo Range proper. Some of you may remember some images I sent out of Hans-Werner Herrmann dragging a Gila Monster out of a hole by its lips. This would be that honey hole. I was astounded to see this HUGE monster. Yes, he's sleeping, and he never knew I was there.

Pic 3: A visit to AD4 on Iron Mine Hill yielded this atrox out basking in a well known lean-to near the den. My fondest memory of this lean-to is of me asking Kent Jacobs to stick a thermometer into this spot. Kent dumbly proceeded to try to what was asked of him, and nearly jammed the thermometer into the snout of an unseen snake. "YEOW! There's a rattlesnake in here Roger!"

Pic 5: A visit to AD5 yielded this atrox packing the narrow crevice. There is actually a transmittered tiger rattlesnake in that crevice, somewhere behind him.

Pic 6: Is actually from another unplugged trip made on 2 January 2012. My wife Dianna, and our friends Patti and Gene accompanied me to Hill 97. we said hi to the Lazy M monster, and got this image of an atrox basking on the apron of a den we call "The Main Den." This den also contains an active beehive. This photo was achieved with great potential for peril!

There was much more that happened this weekend, but that will have to do for now.

Best to all, and Happy New Year!

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