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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Attempted Predation on a Human by Python sebae

Python sebae, JCM Natural History Photography
The following story is being reported today by The Standard, Kenya's Bold Newspaper

50-year-old woman is admitted in hospital after she was attacked by a python in a maize plantation in Siaya County.

The woman fought for nearly ten minutes with the huge reptile that had coiled around her in Ginga Village in Gem district.

She sustained serious bite wounds from the python—which is not among poisonous snakes.

Roseline Akinyi was on her way from a neighbour’s house where she had taken her mobile phone for charging barely 100 metres from her house when she was attacked by the snake.

On her way back through a maize plantation, the huge snake pounced and bit her coiling itself around her but she put up a spirited fight and managed to free herself from the python.

She raised alarm screaming at the top of her voice but neighbours could not hear her due to heavy rain.

She said she managed to hold the python's neck, which she kept on squeezing tightly until it uncoiled and slithered into the maize plantation.

She managed to call a neighbour and was rushed to Yala sub-district hospital.

The hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Bob Awino confirmed that the patient was closely being monitored and that her condition was stable.