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Monday, April 18, 2011

Roger Repps Suizo Report - March Madness, Part 3

Howdy Herpers,

With the first March Madness Report sent last week, I bragged about finding 18 different Gila Monsters. While that is a goodly number to find, worthy of chest pounding and Tarzan yodeling, I didn't say that I got great pictures of them all.

Well, even bad pictures of good Gila Monsters are worth sharing, and it is in that spirit that we do just that.

Pic 1: One of the Hilltop HESUs. Found 12 March 2011.

Pic 2: On the same day as above, John Murphy and I found a juvenile HESU prowling on top of the boulder that shelters the communal Gila Hole on Iron Mine Hill. We snagged him before he could enter that hole. This is a photo taken on the next day, after we processed him. GOAG-loving Melissa Amarello and I released him on top of the boulder, and he eventually entered the Gila Hole. He was the 10th different Gila to use this site over the ten years we've been working this plot. 13 March 2011.

Pic 3: A different Hilltop monster demonstrates the classic "ground-swimming" moves of a Gila on the prowl. Kent Jacobs and I found this one on 19 March 2011, and followed him around a while.

Pic 4: The 19th Gila Monster viewed this year proved to be good old stumpy, our transmittered Gila # 16. We have not seen her since November of last year. She had just finished climbing a near vertical channel between boulders when this picture was taken. 26 March 2011.

How you guys holding up? Guess what, we have some more snake shots for you. In a few days!

Best to all, roger