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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where is the Gopher Snake? Roger Repp

I warned you Herpers!

Now we're getting plumb dog mean.

My wife, who loves me beyond all measure, sent me this image of a gophersnake that has been terrorizing the neighborhood of late. When I could not find "Waldo,"

in this image, she informed me that she was better than me at finding snakes.

This remark caused me to howl with laughter, snickers, snorts, and guffaws--accompanied by knee slaps and fits of wheezing and coughing.

As my wife felt that fits of laughter, snickers, snorts, guffaws, knee slapping and wheezing were unbecoming to husbands, she was inspired to further heights (depths?) of denigration of the poor husbands'character.

This haranguing was all based on a misunderstanding. SHE thought her husband was laughing out of arrogance toward her--based on the very thought that SHE was better than HE at finding snakes.

The poor woman does not yet understand that EVERYBODY is better at finding snakes than HE. THAT is why HE was laughing.

Enough with the levity.

Somewhere in the framework of this image is the head of a Gophersnake looking straight at you.

Find it, and you stand on the shoulders of giants. You may be as good as my wife at finding snakes.

Drag out the magic markers guys! But be sure to wait until you find the snake before you pull the cap off. No sense in letting the thing dry out from exposure...........

Best to all, roger